We’ve always been very careful with the data of our members that we gather and hold. This includes being careful with your data (for example, your email address and/or postal address which we use to share information we believe will be of interest to you) and being compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR) which took effect on 25 May 2018.

As a member of Melrose Rugby, you receive email updates from us because we regard you as an having a legitimate interest in hearing from us.  However, if you no longer want to receive news from us then you can unsubscribe from updates at any time by clicking on the OPT OUT link, which is included below and at the foot of all of our emails.

  1. Purpose

We undertake to observe and comply with, and to ensure that our officers and employees comply with, the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 including laws implementing, transposing or supplementing this regulation into domestic UK law (GDPR).  In the event that we are a data processor of any personal data that you supply to us, then we will only process and hold such data in accordance with your written instructions and the requirements of GDPR.  You consent to us using all of the personal data (as defined in the DPA or the GDPR) that we maintain about you for our mutual legitimate interests including maintaining an informed membership relationship with us, sending updates, event invitations and marketing literature. 

  1. Confidential information

    1. Information refers to information which is clearly marked or identified as being of a confidential or sensitive nature. The party who is disclosing any such Information is the Discloser, with the party receiving the Discloser’s Information being the Receiver.

    2. In relation to the Discloser’s Information, the Receiver will:

      1. maintain this Information in confidence, keep it secure and only use it in connection with the purpose(s) set out in the above section headed Purpose;

      2. limit access to its employees, consultants, representatives and/or professional advisers (Related Parties) who have a reasonable need to see the Information. The Receiver undertakes to ensure such Related Parties are (i) aware of the confidential nature of the Information; and (ii) subject to obligations of confidentiality which offer equivalent protection to these terms; and

      3. accept responsibility for any disclosure by Related Parties as if it had made such disclosure itself.

    3. The obligations under this clause 2 will not apply to any Information which:

      1. was possessed or developed by the Receiver before disclosure by the Discloser;

      2. is or becomes public knowledge.  However, for the purposes of these terms “public knowledge” will not include public knowledge resulting from any breach of these terms by the Receiver; or

      3. is received without restrictions on disclosure from a third party who, to the reasonable knowledge of the Receiver, lawfully acquired it under no obligation restricting disclosure.

    4. The Receiver will not be in breach of the terms of this clause 2 in the event and to the extent that they:

      1. are required to disclose any Information by order of a court of competent jurisdiction or in order to comply with the express instructions of any government or regulatory authority.  If so required, the Receiver will promptly (and, wherever possible, not less than two working days prior to disclosure) notify the Discloser in writing of any such order or requirement and consult with the Receiver with a view to avoiding such disclosure if possible; or

      2. have maintained and used the Discloser’s Information in accordance with the Discloser’s instructions.


  1. Erasure of data


At any time on receipt of a written request from the Discloser, the Receiver will return to the Discloser, or destroy or erase (to the extent possible), all documents and materials containing the Discloser’s Information then in its (or its Related Parties) possession, custody or control.However, this will exclude any Information to the extent that this is required to be kept for legal or tax purposes, in relation to which the obligation of confidence will continue to apply.In addition, the Receiver will, within 14 days of a written request by the Discloser, certify to the Discloser in writing that it has complied with this provision.

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